About us

Fabros is a successful tech company that develops and promotes mobile games for Android and iOS devices. Founded in 2018 in Minsk, the company is a resident of the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park.

Over the years, the Fabros team has developed significant expertise in the design, development, and promotion of mobile games, finding great success in the casual genre.

Today, we continue our work on world-class mobile products with audiences in the millions, developing new and ambitious games we hope will be leaders in their categories.

Our Principles

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Apolitical nature

Being apolitical, as we define it in our company, means acting with integrity and avoiding any kind of destructive behavior and personal bias in teamwork and communication. We don’t work with those who try to be better than they are or don’t respect other people.

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Focus on the important

Being constantly involved in multiple tasks, actions, and engagements, one should always know the most important thing that he or she does for the company, the core value that this person brings to the team. This is always what the priority is given to. We believe it’s better to skip 80% of the less important in order to do the 20% of the most important perfectly.

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Job satisfaction

We deeply believe that it’s only possible to make something great if you are enjoying what you are doing. The company’s role is to give talented people the opportunity to do what they love and make the process as comfortable as possible. We try to provide the best office environment, healthy atmosphere and we do our best to take the administrative burden away as much as possible.

We are always looking for the most effective people!

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